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Why try waterskiing?

Waterskiing is a sport that offers an amazing full-body workout, it is a HIT (High Intensity Interval Training) activity with relatively low impact on

joints, compared to, say, jogging, football, etc. It is both anaerobic and

aerobic, requiring only very short bursts of activity twice or three times a week to gain the health benefits of aerobic fitness, improved glucose

tolerance, and increased muscle strength. These forms of exercise are

becoming increasingly popular for busy people who struggle to fit exercise into their schedule, despite wanting to avoid being a burden to the NHS. It is a popular alternative to traditional gym workouts.

When waterskiing, your whole body is engaged as you hold onto the rope and control the ski. This helps to build strength in your upper body, arms, shoulders, and chest. Your core is also engaged as you maintain balance and keep your body steady and as you move your legs are also getting a workout as they keep you upright.

While the sport is undoubtedly more enjoyable in the warmer weather, more and more people now ski all year around within UK clubs, thanks to the improved design of winter wetsuits. As with open-water swimming exercising with the elements during colder temperatures is known to increase the immune

system and prevent colds and flu.

For women, particularly, waterskiing is helpful in fighting osteoporosis in later years due to what is effectively load-bearing and resistance exercise, pulling against the boat and the G-force, known to slow down loss of bone density.

Many children and young people who don't enjoy contact sports such as football or rugby have been able to give their confidence a boost by making good progress at waterskiing which can be enjoyed at its own pace and independently of others.

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